Do you need insurance to see a Physical Therapist?

by Rebecca Nault, DPT

Happily, the answer is no, you do not need insurance to see a Physical Therapist. This is great news for those that are self-employed, entrepreneurs, small business owners, those who can’t afford the high premiums or those who simply did the math and found out that direct pay options are actually superior options. 

Carrying a health insurance policy used to give us peace of mind that our healthcare costs would be covered. Insurance premiums used to be much more affordable and the deductibles were much lower. Denials for certain health care needs were much less common. 

Today, we pay significantly higher premiums and we have to pay much higher deductibles before our benefits finally kick in. Even then, we are met with restrictions, co-pays, limited visits, shortened appointments and appointments that are shared with other patients. 

When you see a Physical Therapist without insurance you remove ALL of those barriers. You receive more personalized one on one care and have appointment durations that are designed to leave you feeling fulfilled. And best of all, you have likely saved money without even realizing it. 

We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift in healthcare. More and more people are choosing to take control over their care and directly pay for the services and treatments they require. This new way of approaching healthcare is scary for many because they are under the impression that their insurance is working to save them money on healthcare costs. It is more apparent than ever before that this is simply not true

Healthcare services are in high demand – and the demand is increasing. Embracing this changing healthcare paradigm is the first step to breaking out of our insurance-based race to the bottom.

MKE Physical Therapy is proud to be among a network of independent Direct Care providers. Schedule an evaluation today to start your journey towards achieving your healthcare goals. 

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