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We’re seeking like-minded practitioners to help grow our patient-centered practice. Join us today!

We’re Hiring

As the word spreads about our unique and effective services and the many benefits of Direct PT, our clinic has grown quickly. Please apply and take the first steps towards a truly rewarding career in the healthcare industry!

Who We Are

A Mission of Service

Founded in 2020, MKE Physical Therapy helps active adults get back to doing the activities they enjoy without surgery or relying on pain medication. Our patient population consists of active individuals who are having some type of pain or discomfort and are motivated to address the issue and get back to doing what they love. We pride ourselves on a high rate of patient success and an enjoyable experience in our clinic, and many of our patients continue working with us beyond their initial plan of care.

Better Care at a Lower Cost

MKE Physical Therapy is an out-of-network clinic that offers physical therapy and continuity programs on a direct-pay basis. This allows us to treat the patient as a whole and provide more individualized care, working directly for the patient and not the insurance companies. We are committed to treating the root cause of pain, not just the symptoms. For our patients, it means better care at a lower cost. For us and our employees, it means an end to being overworked and drowning in paperwork, so we can simply focus on patient care.

We're Cool People!

MKE Physical Therapy is about enjoyment of life, for our patients and for ourselves. We present our calming, restorative atmosphere as an alternative to the beige, uninspiring environments of traditional PT clinics. Our facility is located in a beautiful, historic building in the vibrant Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee. Our patients love visiting our clinic, and you’ll love working here.

Available Positions

Physical Therapist (Part-time)

Do any of these items describe you?

  • Are you tired of seeing 12-20+ patients per day? Do you treat active people for a full hour?
  • Do you wish you had more time to spend with your patients instead of dealing with insurance?
  • Are you starting to feel burnt out already – after working so hard to obtain your degree?
  • Do want more time and mentorship to master your craft?
  • Are you truly passionate about physical therapy and making a difference in people’s lives…and just wish you had the time and freedom to make a difference?
  • Are you looking to take a huge leap in your clinical skills and expand your knowledge in physical therapy?
  • Are you a motivated clinician, but currently working in a clinic that does not inspire you?
  • Do you want to work in a fun environment where people appreciate and value your presence?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might be the perfect fit for MKE Physical Therapy.

Who should apply for this job?

  • Someone who is truly passionate about physical therapy and wants to make a real transformation in the lives of their patients.
  • Someone who is looking to work in an environment that is not a traditional outpatient clinic – and that is fun and feels like a family.
  • Someone who wants to learn and be mentored.
  • Someone who likes the idea of being able to grow and advance within a company. You’re getting in on the ground floor of an innovative and rapidly growing company – where your ideas and contributions are welcome and valued.
  • Someone who wants a small clinic feel but operates with big business ideas. This job comes with benefits and opportunity for continuing education – without the burn-out and corporate red tape.
  • Someone who is flexible and open to change as our practice continues to grow and evolve.

What is so unique about this position? You get to…

  • … See a reasonable caseload per day and go home feeling energized and happy about the work you did, instead of mentally or physically drained.
  • … Focus on your patient – and spend a full 60 minute session with them one-on-one uninterrupted. No double bookings – ever.
  • … Work with active adults and athletes who are extremely motivated to get back to exercising pain free.
  • … Document easily: We are 100% out of network which means we do not have to cater to insurance companies.
  • … Treat the patient on a full spectrum, from injury rehab to fitness/wellness.
  • … Be surrounded by like-minded, positive, and motivated professionals who encourage one another to become the best version of themselves.
  • … Wear comfortable, professional “athleisure” wear to work!
  • … Spend your down time researching a case when you need to or communicating directly with your clients when they have questions – instead of filling out insurance authorizations or paperwork.
  • … Look forward to coming to work every day – because you actually get to practice what you went to school for: treating patients!
  • … Have one-on-one mentorship and training from an experienced PT to practice skills and go over cases.
  • … Most importantly… you get to use your talents and passion (you know, the thing that made you want to become a PT to begin with) to make a difference in people’s lives.

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